Polly performs a variety of discplines to a very high standard. All acts can be performed as a staged show & she can also offer some acts as walkabout or ambient sets to suit any event .


Polly has been performing cyr wheel for a number of years and is one of the UK’s leading female cyr wheel artists. Cyr wheel is a new, unique discpline that adds the wow factor to any event or show. Polly combines her acrobatic talent both on and off the wheel with effortless movement to creare a mesmerising performance.
Tech Requirements
  • Hard, flat performance surface. (e.g. wooden, concrete, dancefloor)
  • Minimum stage size 4x4m




Contortion is the perfect act for any event, no matter how big or small. Polly shows off great feats of flexibility and strength within her contortion act, it will amaze all audiences. She can perform contortion as a staged act or as a walkabout/ambient act, performing several sets throughout an event.
Tech Requirements 
  • Minimum stage size 2x2m (for staged act)
  • Walkabout/Ambient sets typically 3 sets x 10mins 

Aerial Silks

Polly is also a confident aerial performer, she performs aerial silks, showing off great strength, flexibility and bravery. Her aerial acts are breath taking and dynamic as she performing daring skills that will impress every audience member.
Tech Requirements
  • Structural rigging point – Load minimum of 500kg.
  • Minimum height 5m from rigging point to the ground.
  • Minimum space surround the silk 3m diameter from top to bottom.
  • Riging points can a motorized winch, pulley system or rigged by ladder.


Polly shows off imense control and coordination within her handbalacing act by balancing 1 meter off the floor on her handstand canes. She twists her body into a manor of shapes whilst upside down and uses her canes in very inventive ways.


Technical Requirements
  • Minimum stage size 2x2m
  • Minimum ceiling height 3m